Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hey beauty queen, you've gotta be...

For reasons beyond my understanding, Zshare continues not to work for me (while it's in the process of uploading the file, it'll eventually be unable to connect to some Greek lettered-sub-site of itself), so I've uploaded the song to SpeedyShare. Unlike Zshare, the first screen it takes you to isn't a stream of the song but, if your computer works like mine does, clicking on the song title on that first screen will load the song for you to listen to without yet having to go through the "where do you want to download this to" process.

Danish model, Deal or No Deal girl, and singer Cara Dove's (the stage name for Carina Due) latest single, "A Daydream Nightmare," is a piece of moody-Infernal-lite pop, but as of right now, I think I prefer her 2006 single "Freak For Love." I know she's got an album in the works, but I've got no idea when it's coming out. Her MySpace does have some songs that I presume will be on it, though.

Freak For Love--Cara's voice is a lot lighter here than it is on "A Daydream Nightmare," which makes it a perfect fit for "Freak For Love," a delicate, almost intimate dance song. I was going to go in depth about why I can like this song but not tolerate the lyrics of a certain other song we've all heard recently--about how, much as you could make the case that this song is designed for some sort of straight male electronica-listening demographic and so is ultimately male fantasy fulfillment, the song itself doesn't have that same strong catering towards the Girls Gone Wild set that others do (speaking not of anything beyond the song itself for the moment)--but I think I can leave it at what I just said for now in regards to that and instead go back to the music, which is really pretty lovely. Sweet. But still dance.

You can buy Cara Dove's single "Freak For Love" from all iTunes stores and her latest single, "A Daydream Nightmare," here (digital).

Next up: Finnish dance or demos from American singers.


Paul said...

evil zshare. mediafire is *quite* good, though i'm not sure you can stream the song first... anyway, this is quite pleasant but it just made me yearn for more Infernal. i do happen to think their new album is rather magnifique.

Poster Girl said...

I'll have to think about Mediafire...I just always think being able to listen to it first is the most important feature of any uploading site, in terms of what I want and what other people would want! By the way, I love the picture you chose for your profile pic.