Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Don't need strings attached to keep it together

I don't know that much at all about Finnish duo Kendi, except that they're made up of one man and one woman--and that I really like what is, to the best of my knowledge, their debut single (well, and that they've got JS16 behind them).

Connected--the group bills itself as a dance duo, but this is the sort of dance with rap-talking over the top. In fact, the closest we get to singing comes from the male half of the duo, a bit of the change from the usual verse-reciting deep voiced talky male/chorus-singing female structure of some dance songs. The instrumental part to this is great, revvy and attention-grabbing right from the beginning, with a constant feeling of pushing you forward; especially during the verses and bridge, it's really catchy. Add in the attitude-conveying delivery there, and you've got something pretty fun.

To buy Kendi's single "Connected," go here (digital). Interesting and worrying fact: I initally tried to buy it from 7Digital before being told that it was only available to UK-based buyers. When did 7Digital institute region restrictions? I mean, I've never understood how they didn't have to implement them and other digital music stores did, but what an awful shame...

Next up: maybe that post on American singers and demos.


Anonymous said...

Pressure from the label to enforce them. More european stores coming soon.

Paul said...

you know they are finnish:P that sounded so much wittier in my head!

Poster Girl said...

It's not that I blame 7Digital--it's the law, they've got to follow it--it's just that I wish the record labels would realize how frustrating and, really, silly the whole phased release thing can be in this day and age; plus, restrictions on acts that are blatantly never going to be launched elsewhere are never removed to allow us from other countries to buy their songs.

True, Paul! One more thing on the list.

Yuяi said...

PPG, I ran into the same problem with 7-dig and emailed Customer Service, who told me that an American 7-Dig store would be "opening" before the end of the year. If they offer 320kbps downloads and mirror the UK catalog, I'd be in heaven.

RE Connected: The synth/horn part reminds me of old school (skool) rap, a la DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. Good stuff!