Friday, September 12, 2008

Falling down without you--can you pick me up?

I wasn't exaggerating when I said today's song, another demo from CB, was possibly the cutest song I'd heard all year. Unlike yesterday's song, written for another artist or group, this song was written for Chris himself...but it's intended to be a duet, and rumor has it the intended/desired duet partner is none other than Rihanna herself (she's not on the track yet). For this particular song, it's worth emphasizing the fact that Chris says it's really only a very rough demo, just kind of getting an idea down, and that there is a lot of work that will still be done on it. He is still planning to release it, though.

Electric Guitar--as in yesterday's song, Chris sings the female part. Anyway, the music, those electronic effects in this song are TOO CUTE--I almost swoon every time we get to the instrumental section in the middle 8. The verses are adorable, both parts of the highly vocally processed chorus are adorable, the lyrics are adorable, the music is adorable, every little thing about this song is (yup, you guessed it) adorable. "Electric Guitar" is neither a clubby song like "Disturbia" or an epic like "No Air," but instead is just a mid-tempo song that is about as cuddly as electronic music is ever going to get. I have this feeling some people might end up disappointed, expecting a team-up from the purveyors of "Disturbia," "Umbrella," "Wall To Wall," and "Forever" to be some giant statement song, either something hugely boundaries-shattering or club-ready or just basically that makes a big monolithic unavoidable "I'm HERE" statement, but I think to feel disappointed would be to miss out on the fact that a song of this sort can offer thrills and joys just as musical high-inducing as any of those other sorts; Chris, as I've written before, has always had that "aww, bless" quality, and with "Forever," he finally seems to have figured out a way to channel that into something other than fairly nondescript ballads by using poppy electronic mid-tempo beats. My only concern, actually, is that I'll love Rihanna's vocals a lot less on the parts Chris is doing now; Rihanna's voice is fantastic for some things, but at the moment I'm struggling to think of any time she's effectively sounded "cute." Oh well--if nothing else, at least we've got this demo.

As with yesterday, there's nowhere to buy this song, but you can support the artist by buying his most recent album, Exclusive: The Forever Edition here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe another demo from this singer, but possibly not.

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