Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've come to the end of you

Public service announcement: you should probably know about Swedish singer Sophia Somajo's credible-sounding electro-pop single "Warm Blooded Murder," because I imagine there will be more written about it on the Internet in the future (though that's not to say that things haven't been written about her in the past), and this way you can prepare yourself.

Her voice can sound very Robyn at times.

(Random fact: she may list "indie" as her first genre on MySpace, but the poppy pop lovers may be interested to know that she co-wrote Darin's "The Thing About You.")


Mike said...

Why do these Swedish whores always sound like they're being kicked in the cunt when they sing? It's extremely unappealing...

Poster Girl said...

There are quite a few indie-pop Swedish singers who sing in English but I'd like to hear sing a bit in Swedish just so I could know what their voice would sound like there.