Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Every little thing you do is everything I want from you

I've been doing some cleaning today, and usually that would mean a bunch of long songs (generally remixes) but instead, I've been playing some brand new songs. Listening to the new E.M.D. album helped pass the time, and I'll give my thoughts on it in the future, but for today...well, was there ever really any doubt what I was going to post? At risk of seeming obsessed...


...I've got to imagine there are some people out there who are as interested to hear that song as I am--well, almost as interested, anyway! It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since I was posting a radio rip of his version of "Natalie." In comparison to that song or any of his singles since, this song has, from what I can make out through the subpar audio quality (you'll have to turn the volume up, too), more strummy guitars, but it's still very much a poppy upbeat cute song with its essence in electronically-created pop and production effects, and not a guitar-pop song in any sense. The song's soaked in summer; it really couldn't sound more like the beach if it tried (which it probably is doing, to be fair).

Also, apparently I still fall for all the old tracks in the pop playbook, because all too often I get caught up in the song and actually respond to the singer's giddy laugh mid-track with equally happy laughter of my own.

The reedition of the album comes out May 28; new songs (as in songs not on the first editions) on it will include this song, "Love In Stereo," remixes of "Natalie" and "S.O.S." (these might be the remixes that were on the singles--I'm not sure), and live tracks...not quite the new song fest I was hoping for (unless there are more additions I don't know about yet), but knowing me I'll still buy it anyway; you can preorder it here. If you've not bought the album yet, even though I think it's spotty, this edition would definitely be worth considering getting for the older-ish songs on it: "S.O.S.," "Can't Get Enough," "Natalie," and "Love In Stereo" are all about as good as pop gets (and I do love "Baby I'm Yours" as well).

He does really need to get some new promotional pictures done, though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks PG!
It is exactly what I was hoping for!

Wonderful Swedish Summer Pop!

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot:

I don't like the long hair.


Paul said...

i am kvelling at the moment. This. Is. Glorious. And i thought i loved Love in Stereo (I do). Much like BWO's Bells of Freedom, i'm gonna have to limit my plays of this for a couple of weeks til summer starts proper here and then i can marinate in it.

Good call on the need for new photos. And a hair cut.

Rick said...

Kvelling... that's a word I haven't heard in a while... my grandmother used to use it.

If Ola isn't gay, his album cover for this single certainly is.

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad you like it, turnaround and Paul!

I think we need a styling intervention--can we get him to take off some of the makeup while we're at it? The style = reason one for a new photoshoot; reason two = I'm tired of seeing the same two or three (not very good) photos of him every time he's written about. I mean, he's not my type, but come on--surely he can be done up better.

I haven't seen the single cover for this latest single, though, Rick--unless you're talking about "Love In Stereo"?

On a more serious note (and speaking in more general terms, since I do avoid speculating on sexuality here), it's really sort of depressing to think about the number of probably closeted popstars in Sweden at the moment. Not that the rest of the world is better, though.

D said...

the song is cool hehe .. and I like Ola's hair! hahha :D

Poster girl, can you post a link with EMD's album :)

eurovisionessex said...

I love the very British insertion of a glottal stop in the word 'little' in the line that begins 'every little thing'!

Anonymous said...

I really like this song, i have loved all of he's singles actually though i find 'Good Enough' a poor album overall.

I must mention 'Jason Malachi' while im here. I came across him the other day and have to say im so happy i did because 'Let Me Let Go' has become my favourite song of the week now. Its a brilliant pop song, rather 2000/2001 N*Sync sounding in a way but i think thats what makes it so good.
Most of the rest of he's songs on the myspace arent that good but if the album has songs like 'Let Me Let Go' i think its well worth getting


Poster Girl said...

Hi, D! Thanks for the comment! I'm sorry to say that I can't post a link for the album--I don't believe in sharing albums, especially not brand new ones, but I did post several songs by them today.

I wonder where he got it from? Maybe talking to Amy Diamond? ;)

I'm hoping he'll see the direction he's meant to go in after all these singles--do a whole album like the singles. Gosh, that'd be just about an unbeatable album. 2000/2001 'N Sync is always a very good thing--I'll go listen right now!