Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is there really no other way? OK

I'm not sure if anyone else is going to be interested in this, but this website has clips of all the songs on this year's Rix FM Festival album, which means if you wanted to hear bits of the new Rongedal (album out this Wednesday), Sonja Álden, Patrik Isaksson, Arash, Anders Johansson, etc. singles, you can do so there (click on the little boombox to on the righthand side of the song's row). Slightly sadly, I actually ordered the album (what? It had "Feelgood" on it!)--hopefully it'll get here soon-ish.


Paul said...

new rongedal? New ola? Oh it's almost too much for me to take... i'm very excited for the postman to come probably early next week now!! Haha. Anyway in related "news" i thought martin in the post below as my current obsession danish martin. of course it is not, but he is quite good too.

Adem With An E said...

Woohoo!! Rongedal!

Poster Girl said...

I almost mentioned the shared name...but I go off on tangents so often I thought I should avoid one at least this time ;)

I really hope they can deliver with their follow-up material! They were such a pleasant surprise this year.