Sunday, May 18, 2008

Allt vi vill ha kan vi få med det svenska laget

That Enrique song I posted yesterday is apparently being used as the theme song for some soccer thing, which made me think of another song I like that was used for some soccer thing (though a completely different one probably--like I've got any idea what any of these events are). If you've heard of Martin (Svensson) and live outside of Sweden, it's probably because you know his 1999 Melodifestival entry "(Du är så) Yeah Yeah Wow Wow," a kind of '60's surf guitar-filled teen pop song full of nonsense syllables (bop boppa boppa ba) with a title that translates to "(You Are So) Yeah Yeah Wow Wow" and that had a performance full what must be the happiest-looking choreographed guitar movements ever (random fact: the backing band includes one of the piano players on the TV show Så ska det låta). Despite that song being by far his best-performing single, though, Martin had a career beyond "Yeah Yeah Wow Wow," releasing four albums. The song I'm posting today comes from his fourth, Martin & Siberien.

VM Guld 2002--this is one of those songs that it sort of feels like I shouldn't like, but I totally do. The verses aren't the strongest things ever, but that chorus--it's the very definition of soaring and a way that, because of the rest of the song, inevitably seems a little kitschy, but I love it nevertheless. I'm not sure how much of the credit there goes to the melody of the chorus itself; a lot of its success might have to do with that build and drumbeat into the chorus and, probably most important of all, the multi-tracking/backing vocals that make it sound like a crowd is singing along. I think the melody has something to do with it, though: with a song like this, you want something that you can imagine a stadium full of people singing along to, a melody that lends itself to that--there's a different kind of perfection here from what you might want in another context. That said, I can easily imagine actual soccer/football fans not being pleased with this song, but with that big lifting chorus, I just can't resist it.

To buy Martin's fourth album, Martin & Sibirien, go here (physical).

Next up: maybe that French song.


kevin (ru) said...

Bravo! I know this song, because I bought Martin's album on sale in Stockholm years ago. There was even a video, which is quite funny.

"VM Guld 2002" is dedicated to Sweden's participation in World Soccer Championship 2002. But I'm still not quite sure about Shirley Clamp's "Champions" target.

Len said...

If you like big anthemic football choruses, you must know Orup's band GES and their "GULD I USA". It was one of the standards on the late lamented svenskafavoriter internet radio site.

Poster Girl said...

Ah, there we go--thank you! I really probably should have taken the time to look it up. Yup, I've got the album too--similar circumstances to you, though I'd heard a clip of this song a while ago and so was delighted when I saw it majorly discounted. I'll have to go grab it and watch the video again--all I can remember is that Martin's singing in the stands (at least at some point), I think?

Shamefully, Len, I don't! I'm off to look it up! And yes--I'm still sad about that :(