Thursday, May 08, 2008

I got 'em lining up

I still can't get over how much I don't love Belgian singer Katerine's latest single--and, as if to constantly taunt me about that fact, all the European iTunes stores seem to be advertising it. Sigh. I keep holding out hope I'll suddenly change my mind or I'll like something in the future more. Let's flash back to happier days, back when the Belgian Star Academy winner was releasing material from her first album, released back in 2005. I did a whole career rundown for her over on the HotStuff Files back when it was still on the Internet, but since I can't point you to that anymore, let's just leave it at this: Star Academy winner who set herself apart from your typical reality TV show winner with her second and fourth singles' attitude-filled tone. She's also got some Eurovision connections: she competed in Belgium's national final in 2006 with the song "Watch Me Move" (losing out to Kate Ryan) and in 2002 as part of a group. Far better than "Watch Me Move," though, are those aforementioned second and fourth singles, "Here Come All The Boys" and "Catfight" respectively, both of which are probably known to many pop lovers but deserve to be known by many more.

Take "Catfight"--even if it wasn't a great song, it would need to be more famous just so you could quote lines from it and have people actually know what you're referring to.

"You shouldn't break a kitten's heart!"

Here Come All The Boys--a snotty-sounding pop song that features Katerine describing how all the boys want her. I want to describe it as "bouncy," but that often implies it's a happy carefree song, which is, um, not how I would describe this song. Musically, it's not a "bottom heavy" song--there's not too much playing in the lower or deeper ends of sound, which kind of ends up making it feel all the more flip (it also means I sometimes--not always, though--end up preferring "Catfight" because it feels more...anchored). Even without seeing the video, I think I'd think is has a girls' night out kind of vibe. If anyone from this year's top American Idol contestants releases anything nearly this interesting, I'll be shocked--and pleased.

To buy Katerine's self-titled debut album, go here (physical).

Next up: maybe another Belgian singer.


Anonymous said...

I really love her songs especially 'Livewire' its so catchy.

Im really quite angry at German download sites not letting me buy US5 - Round & Round digital download, every site i go to says i cant make the payment because im outside Germany or cant pay in Euros :|
Really annoying as i desperately want that b-side and a HQ version of Round & Round.
Do you know any decent sites as Medion Music, Magix, Musicload etc are no good for me lol =[

Anonymous said...

Woooo xD i managed to buy it off the German 7Digital in the end.
And OMG its even more amazing in HQ but the B-Side 'Dont Let Me Go' is actually 1000x times better :O
You really must hear it, its soo good i cant put it into words right now :D

Poster Girl said...

Country-restricted download stores are going to drive me insane some day, they really are! I'm glad you found one that works, though! "Round & Round" is getting posted as soon as I finish writing up something about it; I didn't buy the b-side originally, but now reading that from you I'll have to go buy it! :D