Saturday, April 12, 2008

Little bright lights are we

Random music tidbits:

As part of promotion in Germany, Jesse McCartney is giving away a minute and a half clip of his demo of "Bleeding Love" (well, all we technically know is that it's him singing it, but I would imagine it's a demo) when you sign up for his German newsletter. I've been on record before as having a fascination with demos even when I don't expect them to be better than the original, so of course I had to have it. It's not as amped up and epic sounding, but I'm still so glad we got to hear it for curiosity's sake (and would love to have the full version eventually). If you're interested and don't feel liking signing up, I'm sure it'll be easy to find. Thanks to PubliSpain for the heads-up! I'll be writing more about other songs from him in a little bit, hopefully.

Speaking of minute and a half clips of songs, there's now a clip of the extended mix of Kate Ryan's "Ella Elle L'a" out there (as well as another remix apparently, but I would presume the extended mix gives a better idea of what the actual radio version is going to sound like than any other long remix is going to). Thankfully, it's sounding better than that first remix we heard; the whole thing may end up better than I expected.

Infernal's new different than what I expected. Not a stomper (though not a ballad either). An interesting/odd choice for a lead single. It starts off with some slightly choral but also slightly spooky vocals and makes you think it's going to be huge (that is, if that's really part of the single--the version I'm listening to has an odd gap in it), but it's surprisingly subdued.

Oh Linda Kiraly--I'm still not over "Can't Get Over" not being a smash hit. I'm not sure why, but she's now uploaded a dance remix to her YouTube account. It's not something I'm suggesting you all go listen to, but given how much I love "Can't Get Over," I feel obligated to still report anything having to do with this project. Once again, credit for the news goes to PubliSpain.

Belgian singer Katerine of "Here Come All The Boys" and "Catfight" has a new single coming out. "Shut Your Mouth" follows up the non-smashes "Live Wire" and "Don't Put It On Me," both of which I liked much more than "Shut Your Mouth"...which I have to say I don't really like at all at the moment. It's got a dancier bleepier backing for her; you can listen to it at this MySpace.


David said...

Interesting to hear Jesse's demo of Bleeding Love, although have heard Leona's version SO much is hard to listen to it without automatically hearing Leona's voice, if that makes any sense!

Hopefully he might release the full version as a B-side eventually maybe? Fingers crossed anyway!

David (aka Digital Technique)

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the clip of the extended version of ella ell l'a?????????

Poster Girl said...

Oh, I can imagine (I don't think we've been QUITE as beaten over the head with it in the U.S. and it's still strange to hear someone else singing it).

It's odd that I haven't seen it in more places--makes me wonder...anyway, supposedly it's a clip of the extended mix--I definitely don't have much knowledge in regards to this, so maybe it's not for all I know. I would just link you to another blog, but I don't see any with you can find it here :) Once again, credit to PubliSpain!

Paul said...

DAvid! are you no longer the blogger formerly known as DT? Anyway i'm all for a full version of Jesse Bleedin Love on a b-side. I think it's a testament to the song that i'm not tired of it, though i do tend to have love affairs with my songs :)

Oh and sorry PPG for commenting on lestat! At least i didn't do it in the actual post. I'm such a jackass!

Poster Girl said...

Oh, no, Paul, it's fine :) I was thinking something kind of Shakespearean (a character), but now that you've put the idea in my head...