Friday, April 11, 2008

Love was a stranger and now he's walkin' with me

Continuing to bring you old news...

Do you know who performed a new song at a concert a month ago (well, "new" if we can ignore the fact that he apparently performed it live at least three months ago for a New Year's show, making me even more behind in finding this out)?

Espen Lind!

And sure, this song ("Sweet Love") is more piano-based pop, maybe with a little gospel influence, not a "Black Sunday"/"Joni Mitchell On The Radio"/"Everything's Falling Apart"-type song like I really want him to give us again (no, I still haven't mentally adapted to the fact that's not likely), but at the moment I'm too excited to actually see some sort of new material from him to judge the song. Now if only we could get some actual hard-and-fast dates for a new album from him or something...

Statistically, I wonder
That I ever found you
'Cause you are one in a million
I'm more like one out of two

And I'm not a catch,
I don't go for much
I've been played and I've been burned
But finally it's clear to me that my luck has turned

I'm not sure whether those are Sanna-esque lyrics or the sort that make me want a junior high-type trapper to scrawl them in, but either way, NEW ESPEN LIND! I'll worry about whether or not it's a good song later.

(Note that I haven't heard that this is a single or anything; it's just a song he performed.)


Paul said...

Sigh little Espin. I bought his album thinking it was new after reading about it here, and of course it had been around for years. No matter it was all very exciting. So it would be nice to be in on the ground floor for some new Espin material...

PS the guy in the post below this one looks like he's lost on his way to audition for Lestat! The Musical...

Poster Girl said...

Paul, and after I asked no one to comment on the picture :( Then again, I was expecting someone to come by and say something about it and then compare the song to Mika and Justin just to deliberately annoy me, so I shouldn't complain ;)

I'm glad you're at least kind of interested to hear new music from him! I'm hoping we'll get an album SOME day.

Anonymous said...

I do like him. And this new song is awesome!! =D

Poster Girl said...

I'm so glad someone else is excited about this news! :D