Monday, April 21, 2008

Waiting for my luck to turn

Speaking of boy bands, a big thanks to Alexander for the heads-up on the fact that E.M.D.'s new album State Of Mind will come out May 14. The tracklisting:

1.) All For Love (Radio Edit)
2.) Run To You
3.) Jennie Let Me Love You
4.) One Call Away
5.) We Can
6.) Alone
7.) For You
8.) I Lied
9.) Give Some Time
10.) Look At You Now
11.) She's My California

Two of those, "All For Love" (a cover) and "Jennie Let Me Love You" (original), have already been released as singles. You can listen to part of a live performance of "For You" on YouTube and another one of them performing "Look At You Now." I'd think there's a chance "I Lied" and "We Can" are covers of the Bryan Rice songs, though that's just pure speculation on my part. Bryan Adams did a song called "Run To You," and though of course there are loads of songs with that title, it's in such a style that I could see E.M.D.'s "Run To You" possibly being a cover of it. I'm kind of tempted to guess that "Alone" is the Heart song, though given that Anders Johansson semi-recently did a surprisingly great cover of that, I kind of hope it's not, just because I think as far as the boy band-esque style Anders' version is about as good as you could get. If you've got any other guesses or negation of my guesses, please let me know!


D'luv said...

And let's not forget Rage's early '90s rave classic cover of "Run To You," the video for which is strangely available to download from iTunes (but not the mp3)!

Poster Girl said...

I don't know it (YouTube it is, then)! That is random, though--oh iTunes...

Alexander said...

I'd prefer if 'Run to You' is a cover of Roxette instead. Much nicer.

Paul said...

oooo good one alexander. Roxette so deserve to be covered and not in a dancey sort of way but a way that reflects their talent as great pop song writers. I've had a line in my head all week that i'm sure came from them "for a week i was in love with your hair-do" - now that would be boyband magic!

Resa said...

I really hope it's not an album of mostly covers. I really liked "Jennie, Let Me Love You" but not their first one.

Just a wild guess, I would die laughing if "Run To You" turned out to be a cover of the Whitney Houston song from The Bodyguard.

In another note since we are talking about Swedish Idols, I found the original version (or at least as far as I know!) of "The Prayer" (Off Måns' album), done by Jakob Sveistrup (2005 Danish representative to Eurovision). I guess you'd already heard it by now, but if you haven't, I'd be happy to upload it for you!

Resa said...

D'oh, I should've added that I do know that "Jennie Let Me Love You" is not a cover.

Poster Girl said...

Alex, I didn't think of that! I'd prefer that too, actually. Bryan Adams was my first thought style-wise given the sound of the song and the fact that he's one of the singers in "All For Love," but it'd be MUCH better if it was Roxette's!

I even like some dance covers of their songs (see the "Fading Like A Flower" version with the Dancing DJs--or is that just more a sample/remix? Whatever), but yes, their songs are very much open to proper pop versions being done.

I hope it's not too. I know of that version of "The Prayer," but I haven't heard the whole thing--I'd love to! Thanks :D