Monday, April 21, 2008

And I was like, "Oo, what am I suppose to do?"

The power of the remix can sometimes be a breathtaking thing to behold. Of course, there are loads of remixes that are completely pointless, others that are enjoyable in a "I really like the original song and want to listen to it in any variation" way, and some--the best of all--completely revitalize their parent song and turn it into what it should have been in the first place. My much-loved Bassflow remixes of Martin Stenmarck's songs and the Stephanie McIntosh remix I posted recently definitely fall into this last category, as does the song I'm posting today.

365 were a British boy band that, like any non-instrument-playing British boy band of recent years (2006 in their case), never found real commercial success, and I can't say it was a huge crime against music that that happened, given their songs. Lead single "That Thing" (which was a low-key release and not really a "proper" lead single, if I'm remembering correctly) was forgettable and followup "One Touch" (which you can hear in its original version in the video embedded below) was good, a slightly boy band song that completely underwhelmed me at first but has grown on me with time (to the point where I actually love it now), but it wasn't flat-out first-listen amazing, something a boy band song would probably have to be to find success in this day and age (the fact that they didn't put their two best-looking members closer to the camera in promo shots can't have helped either). What was absolutely amazing, though, was one of the remixes of it.

One Touch (Bimbo Jones Remix)--(which yes, I've posted before, but as an aside and in awful quality) ...and suddenly, the funky boy band song is taken to whole new levels. It's not been made into a pure dance song, but the tempo's definitely been kicked up, something which benefits the song immensely, and any "urban" traces have been removed, though the brilliant horns sample has been kept and sounds even better here. The energy and spark missing from the original are now here in spades and--whether it's just because of the faster tempo or some of the other producer-type changes to the song--"One Touch" seems much catchier as well. It still feels like a boy band song, but an actually fantastic one--this definitely should have been the main mix, though it probably still wouldn't have been successful--the UK would have at least been listening to one of the best boy band songs of the past few years then, though. Special mention for the oh-so-subtle "And there's something about you I wanna get into/It ain't your mind" line, too.

To buy 365's single "One Touch," go here (physical) or here (digital; they're not selling this particular edit of the remix there though).

Next up: a Swiss song I've written about before.


Andrew said...

AMAZING...Bimbo Jones delivers every time...thanks for the great remix!

Paul said...

Blimey you've been busy - ah 365. Yet another abortive attempt at launching a british boyband. Sigh. Will one ever stick? You gotta figure if they throw so many at the wall of pop, one's bound to catch on eventually. This remix totally brings a quality level to an otherwise dull production. Should've been the single mix and maybe things would've been different...

Poster Girl said...

I think this was my first introduction to the work of Bimbo Jones (I was new to music ;) ) and after hearing this I've always been interested in hearing more.

I live in hope, Paul, that some day they'll be another great British boy band and they'll be successful. Dare to dream!