Sunday, April 06, 2008

Truth be told, simple and bold

Some of this news is kind of old, but I only just found out that Amanda Jenssen's next single, "Amarula Tree," will be released April 16 and be followed by an album called Killing My Darlings on May 7 (Ginza has the album being labeled as called Amarula Tree and CDOn says it's called Killing My Darlings, so I would imagine CDOn is correct). It'll be tough to top the success of the unavoidable "Do You Love Me" (I have to agree with EuropeCrazy--I think it's the one of the best songs-inspired-by-the-success-of-Amy-Winehouse around) but I hope the followup and album are just as good.


EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for the mention :)

I'm really looking forward to hearing what she does next....and I'm still loving "Do You Love Me" - it's much better than anything by the British Amy-wannabes around at the moment.

Poster Girl said...

You're definitely right! I'm really looking forward to her next song, too--I hope I end up liking it! And no problem :)