Sunday, April 06, 2008

If you want it so badly, then why don't you say so?

I've known about Crazy Loop, the most recent solo project/alter ego of former O-Zone member Dan Bălan, for a long time now but held off on writing about it because it all seemed very "I want to stop making incredible fun pop songs and make serious music with guitars and no fun--oh wait, you mean that's not selling? OK, I'll go back to danceable Europop music" to me. Still, the lead single may be no "Dragostea Din Tei," but very little on Earth is (no joke, it's one of the best songs ever--I'm going to get things thrown at me by schlager fans for saying this, but it's like "Alla Flickor" in that it's just such an intense burst of fun that the language barrier is completely annihilated while you jump up and down and sing along at the top of your voice), and it really is a pretty good nonsensical poppy song not too far removed from the music of his former group.

Crazy Loop (Mm-Mm-Ma)--the debut single from Dan's alter ego Crazy Loop (the fact that he felt he had to create an alter ego to indulge the Europop side of his writing sensibilites makes it seem like he's still trying to distance himself from this sort of music in a way; the video almost feels too purposefully crazy, too, at times, in a compartmentalizing/distancing himself from way--really, though, what did I want him to do, continue making music I had no interest in? I should just accept this reversion in style and get over it), "Crazy Loop" has been a chart hit in Romania (and I would imagine Moldova, as well as other nearby countries) for a while now. It's pure catchy danceable Europop, the sort that is going to drive some people absolutely crazy, but there's something about this kind of fun that I just can't pass up, and this is a great example of its subgenre. There are a few moments where, if it wasn't for the fact that the song's in English, it's so vocally similar to an O-Zone song that you really do feel like you've travelled back in time and are listening to that no longer existing group. If Dan can keep coming up with songs like this, let's hope he sticks with the fun music this time around (or at least continues the mix that he had on this past album)--Akcent may do a good job giving us some periodic singles to help make up for the loss of O-Zone, but it'd be great to be getting this sort of music from another source too; there's just as much an art to making songs like this as there is to making, say, good rock music, and it'd be a shame if someone I think is a real musical talent didn't take full advantage of that talent.

You can buy Crazy Loop's album The Power Of Shower here (physical) or just the "Crazy Loop (Mm-Mm-Ma)" single from iTunes here.

Also, I think I need to credit Pop Unlimited for writing about O-Zone recently and probably being the reason I've had this song stewing in my head again recently.

Next up: that Belgian singer.


AcerBen said...

I hadn't actually seen the video for this - it makes so much more sense with it. I wonder if it's a UK hit. I may have to tip it to some people.

Jessica said...

Crazy Loop's in English, it doesn't have a language barrier, unless you mean for Dan himself.

Poster Girl said...

It does make a lot more sense with the video--I probably should have made the fact that I like the video a little clearer, since here I think it could read like I'm generally negative on it; it's a lot of fun. I don't know about UK hit, but you're a lot better judge of that than I am!

Jessica, are you referring to the's just such an intense burst of fun that the language barrier is completely annihilated...

line? I was talking about "Dragostea Din Tei" there--I probably should have been clearer there too!

Paul said...

Oh I think this is aces! First off his outfit in that pic is brillo. Completely reserved but he manages to make it look a little bit insane. In fact the only way he could make it look crazier is if he painted his face like The Joker (the batman character not the steve miller song :P)

The song is infernally catchy and i curse you for bringing it to my attention as i shall be singing it all week!!

Adem With An E said...

So I listened to the song on its own first and didn't like it. Then, after seeing the clip, I'm now completely into it. I get what you mean about the whole purposely trying to be crazy thing... it IS trying very hard to be kooky but it made me laugh AND appreciate the song a bit more, so I guess the package has worked on me.

He looks quite good in some shots and not so much in others; weird.

Poster Girl said...

It is a great outfit! Unfortunately I keep seeing that picture and stance out of the corner of my eye (so I can't really see details or colors properly) and thinking, "oh, so the Tenth Doctor's started a pop career now, has he?" Ha ha--I'm glad I could get a song annoyingly stuck in your head as payback for all the times you've done that to me!

The song and the video work well together, you're right. Re: looks, even weirder is when you look at some photos of him--he doesn't even look like the same guy in some of these shots here.

jonathan13 said...

POSTER GIRL : YOU ROCK !! Yes girl you rock ! this song is a huge mega summer hit.
I love it sooo much. Thanks for this song it's really a hit.
Love your blog, keep it on and bring us more hits !!! :-)

P.S : I always like paul's thoughts. He's always right :)

Poster Girl said...

Awww, thank you! :D I'll definitely try to! You're so right about Paul, too--why someone hasn't given him his own TV show or radio show yet is beyond me! ;)