Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A blog business sort of post: I get LOADS of spam mail every day and have a really bad habit of just emptying the spam folder without looking at it and then realizing just after I've clicked delete that there was actually a real message in there; unfortunately, with GMail, once you've emptied the spam folder, it's gone. On the off chance the person who sent me an e-mail about Sibel's "Make Believe" reads this post, could you please send it to me again? I saw the title of the e-mail for a split second before it disappeared from the Internet forever--I'm sorry!

Since I'm already on the topic of e-mail, let me add that I always reply to e-mails that I think are "legitimate" (i.e., not just mailing list sort of stuff/trying to sell me on something without really having ever paid attention to what I write about here), so if you ever e-mail me and don't hear from me in a few days, I've either accidentally deleted it because of another incident like the one above or I thought it was "blogger spam" that reached my inbox and just ignored it (though occasionally I'll still deal with those too, if the music's good enough)--if that's the case, please e-mail me again!

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