Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Porque no fue nada, nada de nada

It seems like just a few days ago I was asking where on Earth Spanish singer Rebeca was because I needed a followup to songs like "Que No Daría Yo" and "I Love You Mi Vida"--well, she's back! Spain's record companies are really big on the whole "summer song" concept (as well as on summer compilation albums), and I think it's hoped that Rebeca's new single "Se Me Olvidó" will at least be a hit at beachside clubs. Her MySpace is playing a clip of her new single or you can listen to another clip here; there's also a higher quality clip on her website. It's a very typical Rebeca (or maybe Bea Bronchal) sort of sound, punchy upbeat danceable pop with a Latin flavor with Rebeca delivering a fierce attitude-filled sort of vocal. I don't think it's quite as excellent as "Que No Daría Yo" (which is a much better song than Las Ketchup's "Bloody Mary," which qualified for Eurovision ahead of it) but it's fun.

"Se me olvidó" is on the Caribe Mix 2008 compilation which is out soon and apparently a video for it may be in the works, so hopefully we'll get to hear the full thing soon.


eurovisionessex said...

Oh my goodness, I simply cannot believe Rebeca's 'Que No Daria Yo' was overlooked in favour of the awful 'Bloody Mary'. I didn't take much notice of the national finals that year due to work commitments. It just goes to show what a bit of name recognition can do to your chances at getting selected for Eurovision, no matter how awful the song (Dustin the Turkey and Verka are two other obvious examples).

Poster Girl said...

You're totally right about that! I mean, I liked Las Ketchup's big hit too, but "Bloody Mary"...not so much; it's a shame (though not surprising) that name recognition makes such a difference sometimes.