Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hur svårt kan det va?

DSTP interviewed Tim Larsson? About the new Linda Bengtzing album?

I'm about to read it as soon as I can calm down, but I had to mention it here.


Adem With An E said...

An AMAZING read isn't it?!

Poster Girl said...

Tim Larsson! He interviewed Tim Larsson!

I'm still not over that yet :) Yes, definitely! It's so fantastic to hear from the behind-the-scenes people. Plus, in the U.S....???

Robpop said...

Thank you peeps! Thanks PPG (And adem).

PPG, your comments on dstp are lovely! I replied to them on that blog but I thought say something here too. (& Snogging you while the teacher aint looking perhaps).

The U.S stuff will interest you and Paul (of the Zapping) ;-) (wink, wink-taps nose).


I just wanted to add that.

Poster Girl said...


And I'm still SO happy for them! :D I hope it goes well at Eurovision for them.