Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What do I have to prove to you?

I am such a synth addict. Really, it's kind of ridiculous. I mean, a song doesn't even have to be that good and if it's got some semi-interesting catchy synth part, I'm totally on board. So yes, even though there are probably about a million artists out there aping that '80's synth sound, I tend to enjoy pretty much every one of them, though to different degrees.

Take today's song, for example. The first twenty seconds, with their synths and female voice speaking French (I presume), are just so delicious that I'm pre-programmed to like the song. I kind of can't help thinking of another synth-pop song that features prominent repetition of a female name in the chorus--namely, Van She's "Kelly"--and that that song does it better. Still, that's really too high a standard to hold your average song to, considering how a-maz-ing and perfect "Kelly" is. '80's esque male vocal swooning over some synth backgrounds, though, and I'm there--and this song does that.

I should probably actually get to writing about the group behind this song. They're called Nixon, they're from Norway (there's something kind of nice about that, that this sound is coming from Norway), they're made up of four guys between the ages of 23 and 26, and they've got an album out in late April. Also, one of their members is one letter away from sounding like he used to be in a1 (but he wasn't). And really, that's about all I know. I've played the song a bunch of times, though, so I thought it was worth sharing, though we'll have to see how it holds up over the long run.


Nicely enough, Nixon's single "Tiffany" has been made very easy for international customers to buy; it's available on all iTunes stores. It'll only be posted for a little bit since it's a single currently on the charts.

Next up: maybe that Swedish singer.


Paul said...

WEll hello Nixon. Being shallow, i totally judged their clothing first, and found it to be all in order, though they are greviously let down by the dude with his white shirt untucked. he just looks scruffy rather than scruffy chic. Sigh. Oh and the song is pretty decent too.

Nick said...

I love it. Thanks!
Oh, and we definitely have the same feeling about synths.

Layne said...

Love it! I don't know what I'm liking better. The Norwegians or the Swedes. It's far more interesting than the American scene at the moment (except of course for the severely under-rated Blake Lewis cd!).

D'luv said...

The synths are pretty much got me with Fergie's "Glamorous" last year, and I've been cursing those tempting melodies ever since!

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad they (mostly) pass the clothing test, Paul! Hopefully that's a good sign for their future ;)

No problem! And oh yes, your blog is always perfect for giving me my needed fix--as well as featuring other sorts of songs, too!

I know! What do they teach them up there? We could definitely use with some spicing up from those countries.

They are pretty irresistible...though I was a Fergie convert even from your much-hated "London Bridge" ;) Sirens + potential for ridiculous dancing = I'm sold (come to think of it, maybe that explains why I liked "Break Anotha"...).

Torbjørn said...

Thanks for positive comments about our music, I didn't mean to grieve you with my clothes, see if I can improve in the future;)