Friday, February 08, 2008

Vrag naj vzame zdaj naprej grem sama

Did anyone else not know Rebeka Dremelj's "Vrag Naj Vzame" apparently means "To Hell With It"? It's all about getting rid of a bad boyfriend (well, that part was guessable, given the performance, but it's nice to have it confirmed).

That only makes me love her more.

(Read the lyrics at The Diggiloo Thrush, via ESC Today)


D'luv said...

I don't care how bad he is, I'll take her boyfriend from the video! He can be as bad as he wants, and it really won't matter, since he'll be tied up with a rohypnol-soaked rag stuffed in his mouth.

Poster Girl said...

Mmmm, can't say I disagree with that! Shame he's not in it more. I'll order two, then, and ship one to you...eventually.