Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm not takin' this whole thing light

What? Huh? How? Where did he...where is it....when did...???

Not that I'm complaining, mind! I'm beyond thrilled--it's easily one of the best singles of the year (and I really mean top echelon, not just a great single) and I was so afraid it would just sink without a trace. But I am so confused...is it just getting a bunch more radio play than I thought? I mean, Jonathan's out of the country right now, so it's not like he's even doing promo tours (at the moment; before's a different story) or something and telling people to buy it!


Ryck said...

the cover from that little picture looks very COADF Madonna ish.

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha, that pose kind of does, doesn't it? Up close his shirt actually has a football on it, though, which kind of ruins that impression.