Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Have you singin' all night night night

OMG, JESSE MCCARTNEY (temporarily) on the front page of PopJustice?!


(Sorry, but I had to break out the textspeak for this one.)

And his album is "a mass of electronic urban pop which, at its heights, is the sort of stuff Chris Brown would kill for"? And he's "on the verge of staging the most unexpectedly brilliant pop reinvention in recent memory"?

Best. Day. Ever. No, really!

(All that said, I wonder if his getting a mention there will even further alienate Internet World from him...and it'd be a shame if people ignored his earlier work, since he's got songs with a stronger feel to them. And all this could be snark, who knows.)

Edit: oh, and I wonder if his record company actually meant to make that stream they provided a downloadable and convertable WMA...

Edit again: apparently Jesse (who currently has his hair cut too short) shot the music video for "Leavin'" about a week ago, and it's directed by someone I've actually mentioned on here before, Sanji. Jesse may know him from his "She's No You" video, but he's also given us gems like Blake's "Break Anotha" video. Fantastic.

Since I don't want to bombard people that probably don't care as much as I do with Jesse posts, I'll just keep editing stuff into this one.

You can hear part of what's probably the song "Rock You" playing in this video and this video from a listening party; it does sound very club/urban influenced, which is no surprise, considering it's by Sean Garrett. The sound quality's not that good, though. The album is called Departure and comes out May 20.

Also, continuing the trend from his Right Where You Want Me album cover, the first promotional image for this new album is awful. Even worse than said cover, in fact.


Anonymous said...

Hoping his new album is gonna be great. I really like his latest single, the last two albums were good but nothing special really.

Btw have you heard 'Emilia De Poret's' new single 'Pick Me Up', its really amazing and shes a great swedish pop singer, heres her myspace



Poster Girl said...

I do know and love "Pick Me Up"! :D I wrote about Emilia back in September (about "I Can," the only new song we had from her at the time) and have been kind of half-following her since then, which is how I heard "Pick Me Up"--is it the next single then? And coming out soon?

Thanks for the recommendation, though! I love getting them...and I don't get many!

Paul said...

I'm very excited about Jesse's new album. I'm quite excited about his new haircut, though somehow it makes him look younger. I'm extremely twitterpated and on cloud eight (cloud nine was full) about Jonathan Fagerlund being top of the top songs list! Woo hoo. Simon Curtis, pull your finger out. Now i will stop drinking coffee :)

Poster Girl said...

Me too, especially if it's got PopJustice excited--I mean, to win him over, I figure it's got to be a.) in a completely different style, b.) amazing, or c.) in a completely different style AND amazing, and we all win with b or c (and really, it's Jesse McCartney and PopJustice, it's not like the album's going to be a series of low key acoustic ballads or something like that, and beyond that, I can't really see any direction he could go in that I wouldn't enjoy).

I'm still SO confused about the Jonathan thing--I mean, if it was an international store, maybe I could understand that (I think he built up international fans during that boy band tenure), but it's not--so I can't figure it out. He's still holding up at #2 on the charts, too, so it wasn't just a super-brief peak or anything.