Sunday, February 10, 2008

How can I, how can I be sure?

I hadn't been 100% convinced by Belgian singer Kate Ryan's new single, "L.I.L.Y." (which stands for "Like I Love You"), despite jumping on every little bit of news or preview of the song released--I just kept thinking that I tend to prefer her more "pop" moments like "Je T'Adore," "Alive," "All For You," "Spinning Around," and "How Many Times," and that this song felt like it should be a hard-hitting near-anthem but just wasn't working for me on a gut level. However, it was Kate, so I really wanted to give it a fair chance and kept returning to it.

I played it again today right after I'd just listened to the first four tracks from Holly Valance's State Of Mind album (two weeks ago I was all about Dannii Minogue, this past week Holly Valance--what female Australian dance/dance-pop artist deserving of more commercial success will I be obsessing over next week? Actually, it'll probably end up being t.a.T.u. or Alizée or something--maybe even Kate herself...I'll probably spend all week delving into Different Stronger and then completely change my mind about which Kate songs are my favorite)--and suddenly, "L.I.L.Y." just made so much more sense to me--it clicked. Not that I'm saying it belongs on that album (it's more electro-house influenced), but somehow the bite to those songs just made me suddenly appreciate the sound Kate's pursuing with this song, as opposed to the cuter pop melodies, even if wrapped in dance beats, of those other songs I named (and still love). "L.I.L.Y." sounds cooler, edgier, and though that's not something that makes me more likely to like a song, it also isn't making me dislike it. More importantly, though, the song now leaves me wanting dance (or maybe pose dramatically) around the room--and that may be the ultimate test for a song's success for me.


There's no digital store that I know of selling Kate Ryan's "L.I.L.Y." single to customers outside of Belgium, but should you live in Belgium, you can buy the single from iTunes here. Otherwise, the physical single is available for purchase here. It'll only be posted for a little bit since it's a new single.

Speaking of Kate, apparently she's recorded or is going to record a duet with Spanish singer Soraya.

Next up: danceable Swedish pop.


Jamie said...

Love this! Thankyou for posting as I'm an ardent fan of Ms Ryan. I know a lot of people aren't keen but the 'orange one' churns out some delicious songs. I hope she'll have another stab at Euro-stardom one day.

Michaell said...

whoaa, me likey!

Layne aka MDG said...

Thanks! Kate's "Voayage Voyage" remake last year was one of my most played songs of the year on my ipod.

Resa said...

Oooh! Thanks! Also, about a Kate/Soraya duet? That has to be awesome news! Thanks so much!

Poster Girl said...

No problem! I hope so, too--and wasn't there talk about "Voyage Voyage" getting more of an international release (though I know it did to some extent), too? Whatever, Kate Ryan for global domination!

Yay, Michaell! :D

She did a really good job with that remake--I don't think I loved it initially, but I absolutely do now.

I hope it turns out as trashy and fabulous and great as it sounds like it could be! No problem.