Monday, February 04, 2008

Daj priznaj mi že

Because I'm still coming down from the Sovenian final last night, I thought I'd post another song from the winner, Rebeka Dremelj (though I think she releases under just the name Rebeka). As I said yesterday, I need to get her 2005 album (as well as some other albums from EMA 08 contestants)...but until then, I'll make do with the few songs from her I do have. One of the great things about following the national finals is that you get introduced to great new artists who have entire back catalogues that you can then delve into; even if I lose interest in "Vrag naz vzame," I have a feeling I'll still really enjoy that album. Before we get to the song I'm posting though, here's her entry from EMA 05, the amazing "Pojdi z menoj," which would have beaten even "Call Me" on the campness meter had it made it to Kiev. Woooo!

Or look at the music video for it. Yes, it looks very cheap, but COLORS! FLASHING LIGHTS! TRIPPY BACKGROUNDS! GOLD TOPS! I'm in love. The song also exists in English, "Come Fly With Me," and is over-the-top incredible and ridiculous campy disco in that version too.

Here's her entry for Eurovision this year, "Vrag naz vzame." By the way, the stillshot of this YouTube video is also (yes, that word again) amazing. Also of note is her semifinal performance, during which she bafflingly sports a Britney-like blonde wig.

To je prava noč--the most over-the-top-ly happy song I've heard in a long time, and I LOVE that about it. Seriously, even if this album only had this song and "Pojdi z menoj" on it, that would be enough to get me to want it (and as I said yesterday, it sounds like it's a lot more than that!). Just the tiniest bit of '60's guitar runs through the background of the song, but even that can't take away from the campness--really, all it does, especially in combination with that handclap beat and all the "woo"s, is make you think of sunny days as the beach--well, sunny days at the beach as depicted in a musical, maybe, because average days at the beach really aren't just big enough to fit this song. It's just slightly less disco than "Pojdi z menoj" because of those traits, but it is still one of the most POP things you will probably ever hear. The only trouble with all this Rebeka fabulousness is that it's taken some of the shine from her most recent entry, which I like, but it suddenly seems a little lackluster in comparison.

Her first two albums don't sound nearly so disco-tastic, but Pojdi z menoj sounds very much worth picking up. This online store sells it, but I've never used it and it's all in Slovenian, so I have no idea if they ship outside of Slovenia.

Next up: maybe something Finnish...not from the semifinal revealed today, though--nothing there jumped out at me. Quite possibly more music from Slovenia, though, given my state at the moment.


D'luv said...

This time of year, I'll admit -- I never know who the fuck your'e talking about -- but I love getting caught up in the drama of it all!

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, the blog does get taken over by random European poptarts (male and female) this time of year...well, even more than normal!