Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Čakam nate noč in dan

Continuing my Slovenian music kick (don't worry--it won't last for much longer, mainly because it can't at this point; I've got barely anything), we've got a song that I have no idea why it's on my computer (I don't think it's from a blog I read or anything, but if it is, I'm sorry!), but I'm glad it is. It, too, is from someone who was competing in EMA 08 this past weekend: Manca Špik. I really don't know very much at all about her or the song, which I think was from some sort of competition or festival. She did do an interview with the Schlagerboys, though, in which she comes across very well.

Marinero--upbeat uptempo music that isn't dance but would be very danceable. "Marinero" has a real fun aura around it, and I guess you could say a Eurovision aura as well, made all the more suspicious by its 2:56 runtime. As far as I know, though, it wasn't in the national final that year or anything--maybe it was submitted but rejected and then used in this other contest? Maybe this other contest's rules are similar? I have no idea--I really need to start educating myself about Slovenian music. Anyway, back to the song: it took second in this contest, Melodije Morja In Sonca, in 2006, but Manca would win the whole thing in 2007 with "Baila Baila Baila," but "Marinero" is a much more fun song--it's...jauntier, catchier, and less laden with this "hey, let's do a Latin-inspired song" thing. Better than her EMA 08 entry, too. Like yesterday's song (which looks like it might have been in Melodije Morje In Sonca 2005--a contest I clearly need to look into more, then), I'd say it kind of has a beachy vibe, but if that sounds too random to you, at the least it's got a vibe that makes me want to dance around my room making up words so I can sing along...probably not in sailor costume, though.

A store is selling the Melodije Morja In Sonca 2006 album here, but I have no idea if they ship outside of Slovenia. Where is globalization when you need it?

Next up: maybe something Swedish.

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