Sunday, January 27, 2008

You want it, you'll get it

Gosh, do I love a good bonkers idea in a pop song. Like, "what if we made a pop song using the sound effects from...


I mean, concept-wise, that's right up there with ping pong sound effects, no? It's completely unnecessary and the idea might make an otherwise great slick pop song (co-written by Linda Sundblad, no less) seem too kitschy to some people, but it just makes me love the song more.

Plus, releasing through Catchy Tunes? That's got to be a good sign for future material's quality, right?

More tomorrow, unless I get completely I usually seem to do.


AcerBen said...

I'm pleased this girl is back - thought it was all over coz she'd left her previous deal.

Poster Girl said...

Me too! Very pleased with her new direction, too--actually, incredibly excited about it, to be honest! I hope she keeps going down this route.