Saturday, January 26, 2008

My mama told me to watch my step

No, wait, I take it back! Can I take back that list? Because this is obviously the best single of 2007.

Well, for the moment, at least.

That's just a low quality clip for a hint of the next song I'm posting. As a further hint, I'm shocked--shocked!--at who this song is by, mainly because I'd never guessed we'd get something this good or that sounded like this from this artist. I have my suspicions that someone else must have done it before or something (does anyone else know it?)...well, I'm definitely ordering the album (I've got that song, but I'd rather have the physical copy of the full thing instead of buying it all digitally), so we'll get to find out the writers eventually, if nothing else. As a further hint, it's someone I've written about both here and over on A Kind Of Love In in the past.

Oh, and yes, that's a remixed version. The even better news is that both the original and this remix are great.


RV said...

sue it sounds good but who's that?

Poster Girl said...

I'm glad it intrigued you! To be revealed in just a little bit :)