Sunday, January 27, 2008

Don't turn away from me when I am the one

Look at the Czech Republic! After a completely forgettable entry last year, they had several good songs in their national selection, one of which actually won. I could see Tereza Kerndlová's "Have Some Fun" being forgotten on the night--one of those nice songs that most people think is OK but aren't passionate enough to vote for. I think I may end up loving it, though, even if I expect it to seem disposable to most people. It kind of sounds like someone took a Timbaland stompy beat from something like "Say It Right" or "Apologize" and put it under a summery Europop song.

I also really like the French language song "Partir et revenir" by Iva Frühlingová; it's just got this smooth sweet playful feel to it.

If Tereza borrowed Timbaland's drum machine, Sámer Issa borrowed his "eh"s, though he doesn't use them as much. "Pick A Star" is kind of Europop meets modern sparse R&B sounding. It's not as good as either of the previous two songs, but I think I like it.


moai13 said...

Do you have this song "Pick A Star" FROM Sámer Issa ?

Poster Girl said...

I do! I've uploaded it here, if you want it.