Saturday, January 26, 2008

#8 Måns Zelmerlöw, "Cara Mia"

Come closer, cara cara mia
Cara cara mia, love is all we need
I swear I'm never gonna leave you, cara cara mia
You're the one for me
When someone loves like I do
Dreams can come true
So tell me, tell me now
Oh, cara cara mia, cara cara mia
How...can you leave me now?

We're definitely into ridiculously arbitrary rankings territory by now--everything has been switched around so much that where songs come in at this point is pretty much meaningless. "Cara Mia," for example, was one of those songs that, the first time I heard it, I just could not. get. over. how good it was--I completely freaked out (add to that the other songs in that semifinal and I was a total lost cause). People in Sweden are probably sick of hearing it by now, but for me, the song still stands as truly flawless pop music. Whether you want to call it schlager or just plain pop, "Cara Mia" is just a thrilling piece of music to listen to listen to. You all have heard it enough by now to know whether or not you like it. Two things that bare mentioning/mentioning again, though:

1.) The keychange and its segue into that stop-start overhead handclappy bit is still just as push-me-over-the-edge-with-excitement as it ever was.

2.) I love the fact that though it would obviously be fantastic on the dancefloor, "Cara Mia" is a song that would be just as easy to sob through as dance through. That probably sounds melodramatic, I know, but somehow the desperation here manages to come off as more than a matter of pure lust. It's a real anthem, for multiple uses and moods.

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EuropeCrazy said...

Believe it or not, there once was a time in the beginning when I thought "Cara Mia" was ok but nothing more. How could I be so wrong? I now love this song more and more, every time I hear it. As for the multiple moods, did you ever hear his slow ballad version of the song? Not as good as the original, but an interesting variation nevertheless.

Poster Girl said...

I did--it's the hidden track or something, right? It is interesting how well it works for all those moods or in all those forms--only further shows how great a song it is, I guess! Ha ha, I've had conversions like that before, too ;)