Saturday, January 26, 2008

#6 Ola, "S.O.S."

"Natalie" will not be appearing on this list--I don't listen to it that much anymore, probably because it was never the most essential cover, except in the sense that someone really needed to make a song that good a hit; the original is so good, though, that (especially since I heard it first) I'm more likely to listen to that. For me, though, what was always most exciting about Ola's version of "Natalie" was the hope that we'd get more songs in that style--the thought of a popstar doing songs in that style they'd chosen to go with for the cover was the thought of my dream popstar. In the end, the album was kind of a disappointment (though, on an interesting as well as sad note, the song "Stand By Your Side" on Shayne Ward's album was supposed to be on Ola's album but was taken from him at the last minute--don't get me wrong, Shayne does the song well and his voice is great on it, but what an awful thing to happen to you), but the second single, "S.O.S.", was anything but. "S.O.S." is the exact sort of pop song I live for. It's perfect ridiculously catchy upbeat poppy "boy pop," one of those songs that can't fail to make me smile, and I adore the lyrics. "S.O.S." reunited Tony Nilsson and Bassflow who wrote and produced (Ola's version of) "Natalie," respectively, as well as most of Ola's best songs, and makes me very excited to hear what Ola's got in store for us at Melodifestivalen, since his song "Love In Stereo" is once again co-written (like most of the best songs he's done) by Tony Nilsson.

Find it on: Good Enough (though if you don't have the album yet, it's probably worth waiting for the re-edition that's going to come out with Ola's upcoming Melodifestivalen song, "Love In Stereo," on it)

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