Wednesday, January 02, 2008

#25 Blake Lewis, "Break Anotha"

Sign you up
Just to cross you off his checklist
One more victim
Don't test it
Don't you want something more you can invest in?

I know I've mentioned it in comments elsewhere, but that opening siren should be the sort of thing that people hear on the floor and go wild for and the falling "ohhh"s of the chorus are screaming out to be shouted along with en masse. One of the more hip-pop numbers from Blake Lewis's debut album Audio Day Dream, "Break Anotha" has so far failed to capture the U.S. public's imagination, but, to be honest, that's not surprising; much as it might not be brave enough for those people hoping they'd found someone to really bring in some new types of music to American Idol and American music, it's also too out there for the average radio DJ or average listener (that's not a condemnation of the "average" person, though; some songs just don't connect with people--we've all got our own tastes). I love "Break Anotha," though, and even if the live performances Blake's been doing of it have an arrangement that causes it to lose most of its sparkle for me--I think so much of what I love must come from little producer's touches, the back and forth pounding beats, the string falls, the little woops-- I do think it's packed full of hooks in general and is an incredibly exciting debut. I just hope he gets another chance at commercial success, because he's got more than enough good songs songs on his album to justify some.

Find it on: Audio Day Dream

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