Tuesday, January 08, 2008

#18 Paolo Meneguzzi, "Ti Amo Ti Odio"

Facile per te decidere rubarmi l'anima
e poi fuggire

I'm not sure that I can really describe this song...which feels kind of odd, given that I have no trouble writing about "Brother Oh Brother" and I've compared that song to this. "Ti Amo Ti Odio" just has this certain transporting quality for me, one of those songs that somehow just connects with you in the gut and takes on this half-mystical quality because of how much you love it and the aura around it. Unfortunately, the video doesn't capture that at all for me. It's one of those songs where I'm glad I don't speak the language--I can only understand bits and pieces, enough for me to create a "story" for it in my head that fits with that gorgeous melody, but not enough to realize that the lyrics surely can't live up to the feeling I now associate with the song.

Find it on: Musica


madforsadler said...

ooooh I absolutely love Paolo! Finding his cd in a music store in Italy was such a great feeling. Ti Amo Ti Odio is definetely one of his best songs. Hopefully, his Swiss ESC song will be just as good!

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, it would be so great to actually see his CDs for sale in Italy! He's so great :D