Tuesday, January 08, 2008

#17 Lorie, "Je Vais Vite"

Que 24h c'est trop court dans ma journée,
Et mon bonheur oh je cours après

If you're French, I'm sorry; I know she's seen as just for kids and she's not much liked, but Lorie released one of my favorite albums of the year. It's full of pop-dance that marks a significant step forward for Lorie in actually growing up musically, not just saying she was as she did with the last album. Lead single "Je Vais Vite" at first sounded pretty basic, disposable, maybe just kind of kitschy, but as time goes by, you find yourself listening to it again, and again, and again...and pretty soon, you realize that it's a great pop-dance single, full stop and unqualified. It's more stop-start than swooshy and it's kind of sparse, despite the many beeps, electro-y noises, and airplane sound effects, but on the count of bringing out a desire in me to break into a music video-friendly dance routine, it succeeds in spades. It's really just a lot of fun to listen to.

Find it on: 2Lor En Moi?


EuropeCrazy said...

I totally agree with your comments, I was never really a Lorie fan either, but this is a great modern pop record which makes me want to hear her album.

Anonymous said...

I love her so much ! She's incredible ! And I love that dance called "tectonik" too. People don't like her and criticize her all the time. But she amazes other producers.

Poster Girl said...

It's definitely got some great songs on it! It's a great development for her.

She's gotten to work for some great writers for this album, which is so nice to see. It's so great to hear from someone else enjoying her music!

Camille said...

I'm french and I have the new album ! I think it is really amzing and interresting ! I hope she will become famous !