Thursday, January 24, 2008

#11 Christophe Willem, "Double Je (Remix)"

Quand je serai grand, je serai Bee Gees

Making pop that is simultaneously effortlessly catchy, appealing, and classy is no easy task, but French Nouvelle Star (Idol) winner Christophe Willem, with his first full-release original single, got it exactly right. Can you imagine a world where something like this is the first major post-Idol single* from an American Idol winner (let alone a world where someone who looks and sings like Christophe wins Idol)? And then is a mega-hit? Dare to dream. The beat has been compared to Sugababes' "Push The Button," but it's smoother, classier, more teasing in sound--it's just got that extra edge of allure to it. Co-written by French artist Zazie, "Double Je" is hypnotic and one of those songs that makes speaking the language completely unnecessary. It is very possibly the best song of the year. Now, Christophe, release "Kiss The Bride" as a single already!

Find it on: Inventaire

*In fairness, Christophe had released his cover of "Sunny" off of the back of Idol and then released a digital download single from Inventaire before "Double Je;" despite that digital release's success and the fact that it had a video, though, the fact that it was digital-only tends to imply--I think--that it was to kind of designed to build up to this single.


EuropeCrazy said...

This countdown just gets better and better! This is a brilliant choice and I agree that "Kiss The Bride" should be the next single - that also has huge international hit potential.

paul @ said...

you had me at je serais bee gees. Tres magnifique. Je t'adore/ I particularly like the way that his unique individual style looks thrown together but in a way that is a million times better than most current wannabe boybands (yes What's Up! I'm talking to you)

Poster Girl said...

Aww, thanks! :D

Great! I'm so glad you like it/him, Paul--and that that line caught your attention.