Saturday, December 15, 2007

Took the key to my will

It's been almost a month since I was introduced to Swiss singer Patrick Nuo via Don't Stop The Pop's countdown of the best songs of 2006. I was pretty much in love from the first listen to "5 Days," and couldn't believe I'd never heard of him before. It's with a lot of thanks to DSTP for writing about him, then, that I feature the song that hooked me in today. He's released three albums so far, the most recent just this year, though, as Mary Cherry wrote, it's really kind of shocking he got to release another album given his general chart positions.

5 Days--as a warning, this isn't top audio quality, but I prefer this version of the song to the version on the album (I think it's one of the versions on the single, which I keep meaning to buy, but haven't). I'm kind of shocked there was no attempt to launch him to a wider market with this song (well, I guess it didn't exactly become a huge hit in his native Switzerland or Germany, where he also releases music), since I could've seen it being--well, not a huge smash, but one of those nice solid #15 hits along a la Ryan Cabrera's "On The Way Down." Upbeat and (or but) mid-tempo, the song is one of those that kind of comes from the teen-pop subgenre right when there was a slight change beyond just boy bands--in other words, I think what I'm trying to say is that it's not, say, Ola's "S.O.S." kind of poppy pop but it's still very very pop. And, most importantly, very catchy and very good. And has counting! I pretty much love everything about it--it's got my sort of music written all over it.

I think you can get this version of the song on the single, I think, which you can buy here (physical); otherwise, the album version of the song is on his debut album, Welcome, available here (physical; that's the version with his German national final entry "Undone," which isn't on the album's first edition), here (digital; also the reedition), or on iTunes throughout the world (the first edition; some countries have the second edition as well).

Next up: maybe that Danish song.


paul @ said...

i love that comment ~ this could be a smash, well not a smash but a nice solid number 15 hit!! Hahahaha that is great, and actually people should be more than happy with a nice solid number 15 hit. I'd be thrilled if say Simon Curtis or Sergey got that here or in USA. Anyway i like Patrick Nuo but didn't realise he had 3 albums! Damn it now i have to hunt down his other two! BTW, you do realise my obsession the spanish boyband is essentially a westlife tribute act, with er added backstreet boys, atomic kitten and big fun?!

Digital Technique said...

Loving Patrick Nuo and this is definitely one of his best songs, along with Emotionally Connected which is also incredible!

He deserves a bit of widespread success - surely there is a market for his type of music in the UK and US!

madforsadler said...

Finding this song on your website a year ago was what prompted me to find all his cds, and I think I love them all. Still, it is sad that he hasn't charted as well as he could have; he has the potential!

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha--well, if he can get around having a career with the chart numbers he's had, a #15 elsewhere should be amazing! And yes yes yes, but I'm still intrigued by them!

I would've thought so, too, especially a few years ago, but somehow he can't even seem to find real success in Germany (a little better in Switzerland, but still not that great)!

He does! It's a shame. He's such a good popstar to have around. I'm so happy you found some good music through here :)