Sunday, December 16, 2007

Será tan fácil poderte olvidar

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I always think of High School Musical while listening to Mexican duo Lu. I mean, the imagery they use in their videos doesn't evoke that, but there's just some inherent sweetness in their music that I think must draw those thoughts out in me. Don't expect Same Difference-type levels of bubbly fun, though; most of Lu's songs are more ballads. The duo is made up of one girl and one guy and they specialize in a very melodic kind of pop that, despite still using what sounds like "real instruments" (but definitely other production techniques as well; it's not all that--see the good uptempo song "Grita" for that) manages to still sound very "pure pop" as well as made by people with a very strong sense of what makes for good songwriting. They've released two albums so far, the last in 2006, with decent sales.

Será--one of Lu's uptempo songs; I've mentioned that they really do ballads more often (well, at least most of their big successes have been) and this, even though it's uptempo, still feels influenced by a ballad mentality or sense of awareness. It's very sweet-sounding (musically) with a nice contrast between drawn out and rapidfire words in the chorus.

To buy Lu's first album Lu, go here (physical) or here (digital) (or check iTunes).

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paul @ said...

the chorus is by far the best thing about the song. As soon as you said High School Musical i thought oooo Mexican Same Difference, and then you warned me :P Anyway, never heard of them, but i shall investigate - in a non album buying way at this point. Christmas is expensive!!

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, I didn't want people to get TOO excited ;) And I can totally relate to the expensiveness of Christmas--sigh...

Aleera said...

It's Aleera =]

I have to say that my Lu's favourite song is "Por Besarte". I think you know it.
And I agree with you about the HSM stuff.

Poster Girl said...

I do! And I really like it! I'm glad to hear someone agrees with that comparison--it felt weird to write it, but somehow that's what they remind me of...I could just see "Por Besarte" as a ballad in one of those movies! :)