Friday, December 07, 2007

J'oublie les paroles de la love, de la love song

I'm really enjoying Lorie's new album at the moment--it's got some great dance/pop/ electronic stuff on it and is probably get slightly unfairly overshadowed at the moment; it'll be one of my favorite albums of the year, I expect. This'll be kind of a quicker post--I may or may not end up writing more about the album at some point. Choosing which song to post was difficult, to say the very least.

Play--a dance song in which I sometimes wish the chorus was a little harder-hitting so that it could be a complete stormer, but instead the song--and maybe smartly--doesn't go in that direction. It's still a big dance track, though, with an interesting contrast between the sweet beautiful verses (musically) and the stronger chorus. The male backing vocals in the chorus are a big part of the song's success for me--they really add to its power. I also love how just when you think you know where the song will be headed for the rest of its duration, you get big falling strings.

To buy Lorie's album 2Lor en moi?, go here (physical). I definitely recommend picking it up if you're into this type of pop-dance; it's a big step up for Lorie and a truly great album.

On another front: I was just saying something about this in an e-mail a few days ago (though in a broader perspective), and here it comes all over again--I'm not sure which of the two quoted statements (there's also a link to read the full interview, if you so care to) bothers me more: the first one for the way it both sets him up for the comebacks you can already envision in your head and comes off as arrogant or the second one for the "very straight" line. Because we couldn't just say "straight," could we? Nooo...sigh (actually, I do know which bothers me more, and it's the second one). Boy has got to grow up, and preferably soon--this isn't exactly the first time he's given bad responses (note that there the announcers have a lot to do with going on and on about whether he's gay or not, but his put-on high voice in the "I'm straight" part bothers me) on this topic. And on other topics and just in general as well. I adore his music, found him really endearing on Idol, and am convinced that that "side" of him is still there, but his recent interviews have often been off-putting. As I've said elsewhere, I really hope this is just from youth and temporary post-beginning of fame and that this posturing/posing goes away soon.

(Am I being hard on him? Maybe. I don't want to overstate all this [or ignore his statements like "Gender or sexual preference doesn't mean anything to me"] and he's definitely doing better than lots of other stars that are pretty awkward about this too--heck, even beyond stars, lots of teenage/young adult boys are, and are often far worse than this. But I think I love his music so much that I just want to be able to rave about him as a whole without restraints, which does--for better or worse--mean that I end up kind of judging against kind of personal standards of what I'm looking for in a popstar. And for me, he's not dealing with this the right way whatever the truth is.)

Next up: I'm not really sure--maybe that Australian song!


AcerBen said...

Good grief, you sound like a girl with a huge crush on a bad boy and are trying to justify everything he does! He's a nice boy deep down I'm sure. You can tame him ;)

Claire said...

And is the Australian band Girlfriend? Is It?

Oh wait, I asked that, ha ha!

Things here are bleak, the Vs have got a clothing line in a really pov cheap store! Australian pop acts who have clothing lines always vanish! Even Girlfriend!

It's not the band Porcelain is it, that ripped off their name from Claire's fag ash pub band!


Poster Girl said...

Ha, that does come across like that, doesn't it? And it's very hypocritical of me--I mean, for heaven's sake, I listen to some Carola songs...but it's just something that bothers me.

By the way, Alyson, you're not allowed to disappear! Or stop writing! Ever ;)

cassidy said...

The male backing vocals on Play are Garou's, a canadian singer and her actual boyfriend. I love that song. I can't stop listening to it

Anonymous said...

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