Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hasta que me llores, como todos lo hacen por ti

I meant to write about this earlier, but oh well, now all the Spain news can go in one post.

It's been announced that Spanish singer Gisela will represent Andorra at Eurovision next year with the song "Casanova." Now, it's well established how much I like D'Nash, but if the following song-performancer-performer combination was an option (with good vocals) as opposed to just a presentation of an eligible song, I would've definitely wanted Gisela in Helsinki. Can she just enter this again?

On the topic of D'Nash, though, their new album, Todo va a cambiar, is out. Choosing which song to post was kind of difficult--I think I like "Hasta que me ames" best at the moment, but that leaked earlier and so has been around for a while, and "Esta vez sí" is pretty good as I thought I'd just split the difference as post both for now.

Hasta que me ames--this is such great boy band stuff--how on Earth do they keep ending up with this? I have no idea, but I'm glad they do (by the way, if it's a cover, let me know!). Stick it out past the video game-sounding opening and you'll be rewarded with a really great chorus. I mean, this is just the sort of stuff that makes me think they're such a great group. Why can't the other boy bands out there come up with songs this good? If you liked their last album, you'll probably like this song too.

Esta vez sí--right, so the opening of this song really reminded me so much of something that I couldn't place and for a little while I was convinced it was a cover of something I'd heard, but apparently it was written by someone off of Operación Triunfo and released by him and his brother (going by the group name 2conSoul and with the song called "Tu serás mia"), so I guess it can't be--I don't think I've heard their version of it (though if there's some other cover of it out there that I might have heard, let me know on that as well!). Anyhow, there's some great piano going on at the beginning, in the middle 8, and throughout the song, as well as strings. I guess it's a ballad, but a moving one (in the sense of dynamism, not in terms of emotion) with energy which means, despite that big soaring chorus, it doesn't really feel like a ballad for most of the song. Lovely and catchy. And really really quality. Edit: I just did some looking about and it looks like that OT contestant I was referring to, Fede Monreal, also wrote one of my favorite D'Nash songs, "Lo haré por ti" (in addition to this album's "En medio de la calle")--I've got to do some more looking into him!

You can buy D'Nash's new album Todo va a cambiar here (physical).

Next up: maybe something French.


Jamie said...

It was almost like TVE teased us last year. Look what you could have......

I loved Gisela's performance although she was outcamped by Massiels' version of 'Busco Un Hombre'.

Oh it's also worth checking out Gisela's fabulous spanish version of Anna Sahlene's MF 2006 entry 'This Woman'.

Poster Girl said...

*waves around boa*

I hope I'm that fab when I'm 60--heck, I wish I was that fab now!

And Gisela did a version of "This Woman"?! I had no idea! I'll definitely have to go look for it.

Resa said...

I love Gisela's performance! [insert fantasy of me being Gisela and D'Nash being my dancers here]

The more I listen to the album, the more I think of it kind of being like Capaz de Todo 2. It doesn't stray too much from their original sound, but there's definitely growth in it.

Great choices to share too! :)

Poster Girl said...

Ha ha!

I think you may be right--I've got to listen to it a bit more before I can really come up with anything interesting or comprehensive to say about the album as a whole, though.

And thanks! :D