Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's not enough to say that I miss you

Some things I'm loving in Blog World at the moment:

Pop Trash Addicts has introduced me to the Veronicas' latest single "Untouched." I loved the first three singles from their debut album but was left cold by "Hook Me Up" the first time I listened to it. "Untouched" may very well have THE BEST STRINGS IN POP THIS YEAR, though--they are fantastic.

Chart Rigger's J'ason D'luv and Moogaboo count down their favorite ten songs of the year. I like or love a lot of the songs on them--I was going to list all of the ones I really like, but a.) that would just go on and on, and b.) I don't want to give too much away about my final list, do I? If I can ever manage to settle on an order for everything, that is...

Speaking of year-end music countdowns, The Zapping is in the middle of its album and singles countdown; the most recent installment includes McFly, Magnus Carlsson, Måns Zelmerlöw, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Kylie Minogue, and more. A great read, and I'm really interested to see what the top ten are!

Adem has an epic list of his favorite songs of the year and goes through the top ten music videos of the year (rightfully including Fergie's "Clumsy" video).

CFB Goes Pop's Alyson and Claire have counted down their favorite ten songs of the year--check out their lists for Serebro, Puffy Ami Yumi, Avril Lavigne, Jodie Foster, and Barbie and Ken (come on, you've got to be intrigued by that line-up!).

Another great year-end countdown (I'm such an addict!) over at Dirrrty Pop plus the fantastic "Kiss The Bride" from Christophe Willem's (he of "Double je") album over at Into The Grove.

#1 Hits From Another Planet counts down the best singles and albums of the year, too. From Montt Mardie to Girls Aloud, Patrick Wolf to Ola Svensson in the space of a few lines--I love that about the site.

If I'm addicted to year-end countdown lists, I'm just as addicted to reading about how people's music taste came to be, or at least grew and developed, and Thnairg just covered how his taste went "international" in a really interesting recent post.

Pop Unlimited is back!

Digital Technique has featured about a million and a half songs I like since it restarted, some I knew but many I didn't. Boy bands with some traditional Irish instrumentation in their music? Christina Milian? Girl group cover of "Video Killed The Radio Star"? Got it all and way more.

Robyn deservedly wins the award for best comeback of 2007 over at Don't Stop The Pop.

XO offers prescriptions for failing popstars, mostly suffering not just from lack of commercial success but also lack of quality in recent years.

You Don't Know Pop is making me feel even worse about the prospect of seemingly endless freezing cold for the next few months (much as I'm loving the weather for this week!) by featuring an ultra-summery remix of a Supersister song. Luckily, Troy's also written about Darius, which makes me VERY happy, so I can't complain too much!

Phew--more of these later! That's only about half.


Digital Technique said...

Thanks for the mention PG and glad you are liking the music! Got so many more songs lined up for DT is gonna be a great 2008!!

paul @ said...

i am effing loving digital technique at the moment and must comment there more often cos it is aces. And thanks to you i now finally understand what RXolondon means! I was all confuzzled by egg nog.

Claire said...

I think my lists are getting more like Alysons, they are becoming a bit more random and odd the older I get. Still, I completely stand by the top 5, and especially the almighty Serebro (I only did it to promote Serebro and Those Dancing Days really).

Love the site, best wishes


Adem With An E said...

LOVE "Untouched," in fact, the whole album is pretty damn wonderful.

Thanks for the mention lovely, now hurry with your choices in list form ;)

D'luv said...

You know, I was trying to remember what topped my list the very first year I did the best singles of the year...back in '05... and I can't think of it for the life of me! Hold on, lemme check -- oh, right -- "Since U Been Gone." That makes sense, I guess.

Mike said...

I'm glad you're loving "Untouched" as much as I do!

I'm working on my own end of year countdown but it's looking kind of shameful at the moment. I've just realised I have really bad taste! Oh well.

Poster Girl said...

It's so great to have DT back! You were missed :)

I definitely have my moments where blog things go over my head! Actually, that probably happens more often than not...

Serebro are great! I think their song was my third favorite at Eurovision at the time, but I think it's my favorite from it by now. And I'm all for random! Thanks!

It's such a great song--suddenly got me interested in the album after ignoring it! Thanks for the interest, too ;) I'm working on it--it's SO difficult! I'm doing just singles, and there were something like 200 songs on my shortlist--down to 80ish now, I think.

"Since U Been Gone" was so all-conquering, and deservedly so. I was just having a conversation about Kelly Clarkson with someone the other day. I really like her, even really liked (and still do) "Never Again," I just hope she can come up with an album that has more than one or two songs that I like next time around.

You've got me near addicted to it! I can't wait for your countdown--and ha at the bad taste comment! As if--and as if you really care either ;)