Monday, December 17, 2007

Don't listen to the others

Quick post today: rumor has it that Kostas Martakis will be in Greece's national Eurovision final with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos. I was just saying a few days ago in that post with the Sakis song how much I was liking Dimitris's work (behind the times, yes), so I'm really excited about this. The following song is a Kostas Martakis song written by Dimitris Kontopoulos (edit: or maybe not, but it's in a similar style to songs he's done)--if we get a song like this in the national final, I'll be thrilled!

Astous na lene--I'm a sucker for revvy electro sounds in the background of pop songs (maybe one of the reasons I like "Lena Anthem" so much), and this song definitely has them, though they might be more squiggles than revving. It's an uptempo pop song that is I imagine what Kostas is referring to when he says song of the song on his album are dance, though really, it's pretty much a pop song. And a very catchy one at that.

Kind of interestingly, if you really want to hear it, there's an English version of this song, called "People Are Talking," on Kostas's MySpace, or you can watch him perform it below (it's one of several performances from a contest). I definitely prefer the Greek version, but it's still great.

Or, actually, you could watch him perform the Greek version here:

Here's another good song of his, "Thelo epigontas diakopes," which, if I'm remembering correctly, Robpop introduced me to. Good chorus--less dancey (more just upbeat pop) but still uptempo and catchy.

OK, that's probably enough. It's just so easy to embed a bunch of videos instead of writing!

You can by Kostas Martakis's album Anatropi here (physical).

Next up: something non-Eurovision related.

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