Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dans mon sac j'ai des mots de ma vie d'avant

Reallly quick post today! I know I just wrote about Lorie's new album a few days ago, but I really believe in its quality and so I thought I'd feature one more song from it, just in case anyone was on the edge about getting it...and also because I think, so far, it's my favorite (besides "Je vais vite," anyway).

L'amour autrement--opening with handclap-like beats and male "oh-ohh-oh-ohh"s, this uptempo catchy song is just perfect. It's lovely and danceable and just too floaty and slightly revvy and heavenly for words. Lorie refers it as the "80's song" of her album. Perfect light-but-not-too-light dance-pop--if Lorie can keep making songs this good, with this much quality (and she's got almost a whole album full of them at the moment), she really has arrived.

To buy Lorie's album 2Lor en moi?, go here (physical). There are a bunch of other great songs on the album--I really recommend it.

Next up: maybe that Swedish singer I've been meaning to write about.


Digital Technique said...

Am loving this song - the handclappy bits are genius!!

It is the kinda dancey pop song that Lisa Scott Lee or Rachel Stevens would kill for!!

It actually gets better each time I listen to it.... :)

Poster Girl said...

Those are really good comparisons! Yeah, I'm a sucker for handclap sounds in songs :D I'm so glad you like it!

I hope the album ends up getting the attention it deserves by people outside of France (well, and in France too!)--I know language can understandably be a barrier, but if it was in English, so many people would be freaking out about it.

Yuяi said...

While I'm not normally big on foreign -language songs, I really like this dancey ditty! Thanks for the suggestion, PPG!

Poster Girl said...

Yay! I'm glad you like it :D I definitely know what you mean about foreign language songs--I was like that for the longest time too!

Anonymous said...

wow,this girl is amazing,she sings really good,i'm going to buy all of her albums,i've listen to by my side on you tube and her voice was just like britney spears,but now she seems like kylie m and i love that!!!
geez i love her

ola said...

i went to her fan club( really love that girl,much sexier and better than alizee

cassidy said...

I love that song. It's one of my favourite on her new album. It's just amazing.