Monday, December 10, 2007

Am I coming through, can you hear me crying out your name?

Sweden has announced the first have of its non-wild card Melodifestivalen entrants, those who will be competing in the first two rounds. It's pretty much what people were guessing. If it was all about artists, I'd be most excited about Ola (co-written by Tony Nilsson!), Velvet, and maybe Sanna Nielsen, but her song "Empty Room" is probably a ballad which is knocking down my excitement somewhat (at least Aleena Gibson is involved, though). Still, speculation at this point--as much fun as it is and as much as I'm going to keep doing it--is pretty pointless, because (hopefully) there's a good chance someone we've never heard of or weren't expecting much from will surprise us with a great song. The name(s) I'm most looking forward to won't be out until tomorrow, when the contestants for the third and fourth rounds, will be out, and then we'll still have to wait even longer for the wildcards.

Speaking of Swedish artists and national finals, Swedish singer and friend of Marie Serneholt Anorah will be in the Danish national final singing "Laying Down My Cards." She can sing; the question will just be how good her song is.


Digital Technique said...

Looking at the list - I am already excited about Ola and Velvet's songs - both the song titles sound great!!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy about Sanna, Ola and also a lot because of Anorah being in the Danish MF.

Poster Girl said...

I'm getting so excited about the whole thing! I'm kind of hoping Velvet's song is more like "Fix Me"/"Chemistry" than "Mi Amore" (which I do like), but not really expecting it to be. "Love In Stereo" has been described as an upbeat '80's-influenced pop song, which sounds good to me, plus Ola + Tony Nilsson is a combination that hasn't gone wrong yet. I'm really pleased for Anorah as well--I hope her song is good!