Sunday, December 23, 2007

#50 Elin, "Better With You"

Before you I just found myself in darkness
Know it's crazy
But I know you know the way I feel is true
It's better with you

I think of this as the year's lost teen-pop single. As far as I know, it was never released anywhere beyond Germany, and even there it didn't exactly set the charts on fire, peaking at #74 on the singles chart. That's such a waste, though, as thirteen-year-old Elin released a song that any of your typical Radio Disney popstars would probably score an easy hit (amongst the Disney audience) with; it's a little JoJo-esque as well (maybe a little Stacie Orrico's singles-esque as well?). Maybe the time for this sort of music has just passed, chartwise, but that's a shame. Somehow (and despite the Avril-knockoff clothing style Elin sports in the video), "Better With You" manages to seem fairly classy, despite also being obviously designed for a young singer (though luckily Elin doesn't sound like a "kid" singing). It's got a truly great catchy chorus that I can't believe didn't help the song soar to at least half-decent heights on the charts. Really a great song, and probably deserving of being much higher up in this countdown.

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