Sunday, December 23, 2007

#49 Audio Club, "Sumthin' Serious"/"Hot, Bangin', Supa, Sexy"

I can see you really got a crush on me
It's serious
I put that hook on you

Yes, this is two songs in one slot. Yes, that's probably cheating. Oh well--they're both about equally great and come from the same group, American duo (though now appearing as three people, the "extra" one being a behind the scenes, writer/producer type, I think) the Audio Club, who have now made two attempts to break out beyond one radio station play hell and don't seem to be going anywhere (though who knows, they apparently did get signed to a big label this past summer, so maybe something's in the works; the appearance of a bunch of their tracks for purchase from their MySpace--great as that is--doesn't seem like a good sign, though, unless most of them won't get used in whatever project they're working on now). I'm kind of sad about that, though--both these singles are pretty good. "Sumthin' Serious" was their first release (from before they actually had a record deal, I think I remember reading) and the goofy rapping, video, and single cover styled them as kind of a comedy group. Even if that's not to your style, though (and it's a song that some people will hate), the Gwen Stefani-mimicking singing by Ashley Alan-Lee provides pure pop hooks that are all sparkles and adorableness and were such pop perfection that I couldn't pass them up.

Second single "Hot, Bangin', Supa, Sexy" (their spelling and punctuation) established (or should have, at least) them as more than just some one-off comedy duo, though; pop with a little bit of dark electro running underneath it, the song kept some of the sense of fun from "Sumthin' Serious" (and also Brooks Buford's jokey raps) but was also a legitimately good-throughout, catchy pop song. The chorus is kind of half-pounding and the song has a great choreographed dance-friendly middle 8.

Hot, Bangin', Supa, Sexy

Find it on: the Audio Club's MySpace (where these and other songs of theirs can be purchased; iTunes also has "Sumthin' Serious")


Digital Technique said...

Sumthin' Serious is definitely one of my fave songs of 2007 - I don't care how cheesy it is! I love it!

Hopefully they will be release some more music in 2008!! :)

Poster Girl said...

It is so cheesy, but I love it too :D I really hope they do, too--I like their version of "Let My Love Open The Door" too; it's so cute.

Yuяi said...

Thanks for posting this quirky & poppy song! Never heard it before today but it's a keeper! Glad to see it made a best of list. :)

Poster Girl said...

No problem! I'm glad you like it :)

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