Sunday, December 23, 2007

#47 Sergey Lazarev, "TV or Radio"

Anything to make it, you wanna be
Not too proud to fake it, such a wannabe

Talk about a bizarre video. Anyway, I initially expected Russian singer Sergey Lazarev's cover of "Shattered Dreams" to end up as my favorite song from his second solo album, TV Show. I liked "TV or Radio," but it felt like it verged on annoying and didn't have enough of a chorus to have much staying value. In the past few months, though, I've found myself addicted to its short horn blurts, electronically-created pop beats (very "pure pop"), and most of all that bridge, which (simple as it is) I love way too much for some reason. I'm not sure why, as this is not a frosty female-vocalled Scandi electro-pop song, but for some reason it makes me think of Annie's "Chewing Gum"--do not go into the song thinking of that, though; I think it's just I imagine the dance routine from the "Chewing Gum" video being performed every time I hear this song.

Find it on: TV Show

And just because it never gets old, "Fake," a ridiculous-in-the-best-possible-hilarious way, completely fantastic single from Sergey's first album, which happens to have one of the campest music videos ever.


paul @ said...

I don't really get Katherine McPhee but i haven't really given her a chance. So many idols so little time. Sergey I have a LOT of time for though and he has lots of things planned for England from Feb onwards of the new year. How exciting!He's targeting the gay clubs first. No shocker there considering the Fake vid!!

Poster Girl said...

I've never listened to Katharine McPhee's album--I just really like this single. I hope Sergey does well--and yeah, no surprise about that strategy ;)

Rachel said...

Gotta love Fake!I've been meaning to write about TV or Radio for ages but never got round to it.It really should be annoying but Sergey gets away with it somehow.I really like the video too,it made me laugh :)

Poster Girl said...

It should be! And yet...I'm still listening to it now. We'll see how it holds up in a year, but for some reason, it works!