Monday, December 24, 2007

#46 Groove Armada, "Song 4 Mutya (Out Of Control)"

Sat there with some new girl, what is this?
(Don't panic, panic, Mutya don't drive erratic)
That's who has replaced me, what a diss
(Don't panic, panic, don't act too manic, manic)

I don't listen to this song quite as often now, but it was the soundtrack to most of my driving around this summer. I so wish it could have been a big U.S. hit--would there have been anything better than pulling up to a car at a stoplight and hearing this song blaring out of it? Electronica group the Groove Armada team up with former Sugababes member Mutya for this catchy musically upbeat electro number about seeing your ex-boyfriend out with another girl (or, if you choose to read it that way, about Mutya's replacement in the Sugababes, though Groove Armada have said it wasn't written with Mutya in mind). Even if it wasn't quite a huge hit in the UK, it still has "personal summer hit" written all over it.

Find it on: Real Girl or Soundboy Rock


EuropeCrazy said...

Yes I also associate this with summertime. Was never really a big fan of the Sugababes or Mutya, but this great electro tune is probably the best thing she's ever done, or ever will do.

D'luv said...

Ya know, I didn't give this song enough listens when it was out... though I thought it was great! I'll have to go back and 're-discover' it.

Poster Girl said...

I've not bothered to listen to any of Mutya's solo album--I'd be open to liking it, but the lead single did nothing for me and I didn't hear very much positive about it at all. This is definitely a tough song to top!

I do that all the time--just did that with a few albums, actually! And there are a few more I know I'm going to like; I just need to give them the time to sink in.

Michaell said...

it's ace, still I'm also loving Mutyas duo with Amy Winehouse