Friday, November 02, 2007

Knowing she'd be better off way out of sight

Fact: I do not own a Bertine Zetlitz album. Not because I don't know of her or don't think I'd love her, though. Partly it's because of the whole "too many artists, too little time" thing, but I think "too little money" would be more accurate. Norwegian CDs always seem to be ridiculously expensive to import and if ever there was an artist for whom you should buy the actual physical CDs so to have the whole package--especially the artwork--I would bet it's Bertine. The Norwegian artist has released five studio albums so far, making beginning to catch up on what she's done a little intimidating...which means her upcoming "best of" album, due out December 3, is very welcome.

Ashamed--there's not much point in me writing too much about this, really, when it's been covered so eloquently and completely elsewhere, so I'll just say this: classy catchy electro-pop that takes Bertine's young daughter (born in January) as its starting point and goes on to create lyrics a lot darker than what you'd expect with a topic like that.

(Posted only for a short time since it's a new single.)

I'm not sure of anywhere where you can preorder Bertine Zetlitz's upcoming best of album, but I imagine Zailor will have it, though I've not used them since they stopped selling CDs and then started to again (all my Norwegian stores seem to disappear).

Next up: maybe an old-ish song from Sweden.


kevin (ru) said...

I'm a big fan of Bertine's works. She's somehow topping my charts. What I especially like about here -- every Bertine's album is different. And this new single is just perfect.

Paul said...

oh i like that excuse - so many artists so little time. I often think that myself, then ponder why i focus on so many mediocre ones (in other peoples opinions!)

PS - west life album is very westlife ergo you will either love it or hate it. Thankfully a few world of our owns pop up.

Poster Girl said...

You are so right--I didn't emphasize that enough here, but this song literally is perfect. I really need to just cave in and buy some of her albums.

I will listen to it :) I am open to them doing some good new original songs!