Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'll get from you what I can take

I somehow ended up listening to (American group) the Bum Out Eternal's "Promises and Hearts" a few minutes ago and was reminded of how much I enjoyed that song during the summer of 2006. Curious as to what ever happened to them, I decided to look them up and, a few clicks later, was surprised to discover that, though it doesn't seem like they've done anything recently (who knows if they're still nominally together or not), there's a connection with a band I wrote about not long ago: Blake, the guy in charge of "sequencing" (I presume writing the music and programming) in the Bum Out Eternal, now does synths for Metro Station. Well, even if we never hear anything from them again, at least we get this little gem of a pop song out of it.

Promises and Hearts--can I get you to promise you'll make it through at least the first verse? OK, well, let me put it this way: if the first 30 seconds, with their adorable synth beats and "ohhh"ing, don't appeal to you at all, you can probably stop there, but if you like those, keep going through the first few lines of the first verse--which could be off-putting and atypical (it's bleepier and less melodic and sweet than the chorus)--before reaching a final conclusion on the song. Still no guarantees you'll like it, but I think the bridge into the chorus is probably the best part.

I don't know of anywhere where you can buy this particular song, but iTunes has an EP by them.

Next up: maybe two Swedish singers.


Paul said...

that scarf is amazing*

* the word amazing and any variations are copyright of the popjustice corporation

Poster Girl said...

Just don't let Blake know or he'll end up adopting it in another misguided attempt to be fashion forward...and I can't really see it working on him ;)