Sunday, November 11, 2007

I nema pravila tu u svijetu šarenih boja

I am wrong a lot. However, one of my bigger mistakes must have been brushing off Croatian three person (woman singer, two guys behind the scenes) dance group Colonia's "Do Kraja" when writing about it on another site--it's obviously an a-maz-ing song and I have no idea how I didn't see that at the time; a few months after dismissing it, I was addicted to its rapidfire spacey electronic beeps, haunting whistling, and irresistible melody. I really need to go investigate them fully, because I've now become quite taken with another song of theirs. It's their latest single and it's called "Pod sretnom zvijezdom" and I have absolutely no idea what it's about. I think it's the theme song for Big Brother there, as apparently "Do Kraja" was in 2006.

Pod sretnom zvijezdom--doesn't have the whistles of "Do Kraja," but makes up for that with strings and some disco influence, though it's still dance music of the sort that I'm getting the feel is "typical Colonia," if that exists and if there's any way I can guess at after only hearing two of their songs. Actually, scratch that--I think all I mean is it's on par with "Do Kraja." "Pod strenom zvijezdom" is dance music that manages to simultaneously be classy and throw-your-hands-up-in-the-air danceable at the same time.

If you at all like this, I strongly recommend picking up "Do Kraja;" both that song and the album named after at are available at numerous digital music stores, including all countries' iTunes stores. On the other hand, I'm not sure of anywhere where you can buy "Pod sretnom zvijezdom" yet. However, their official site has links to a bunch of places to buy their music, so I imagine it'll be updated with a link at some point. If it's for a new album, I expect that album will end up on iTunes eventually, too.

Next up: maybe one of the two Swedish things I've mentioned, or something Romanian.


Adem IAR said...

Yay! "Do Kraja" is such a great song, I remember it was the first track on my iPod Gym playlist last year some time. Or early this year, I can't actually remember too clearly. But yeah, killer track, Mum likes Colonia too.

Poster Girl said...

It really is! If language was no barrier to success, it really should've easily gone international. And clearly your mom has very good music taste ;)