Monday, November 12, 2007

'Cause you take my heartbreak and turn it to a song

The following song really deserves a much better write-up than what I'm going to be able to deliver in my somewhat rushed state, but it's what I want to listen to right now, so...I guess that it's getting posted! Australian group the Rogue Traders just recently released their third album, the second fronted by Natalie whose-last-name-I-can-never spell (copy and pasted from Wikipedia, it's Bassingthwaighte). Instead of going with something from from the most recent album, though (though that should probably happen at some point too), the song I'm posting is from their second, 2005's Here Come The Drums, and wasn't released until it came time for the album's fifth single, but in my eyes, it's the highlight.

In Love Again--gorgeous. Lush. Lovely. Maybe I should just go look up a bunch of synonyms for "beautiful"? Electro-pop that I would say sounds positively heaven-sent if it wasn't so swooningly emotional in such a lovely (there's that word again), never-oppressive way.

To buy the Rogue Traders' album Here Come The Drums, go here (physical) or here (digital). It's also available in some--including the U.S.'s--but not all countries' iTunes stores.

Next up: maybe that Swedish group I've been meaning to write about, and it's one I'm pretty sure you all already know.


Paul said...

i dipped into the rogue traders album on adem's advice (possibly not for this album, just them in general) and was slightly underwhelmed. Then i went back and listened to this track and you are right - it reeks of gorgeousness. How i missed it first time round is beyond me. Maybe they will be one of those groups where i only like one song - like Metro with Vincent Black Shadow...

Poster Girl said...

Yeah, if you're (generic you, not you you) only going to like one song from the album, this is definitely the one! Yeah, I definitely know what you mean about groups where you only like one song--it's like sometimes groups spent all their "good music" on giving us one really fantastic song, and then nothing after that measures up. Or they just don't want to make anything else like that or just got lucky ;)