Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Che se è solo questione di tempo

So what exactly does a "romantic ballad with 70's dance elements" sound like?

That's the (to me, somewhat confusing) description of the song Paolo Meneguzzi is confirmed to be singing for Switzerland in Eurovision 2008. It'll be called "Era stupendo." No idea when we'll get to hear it for the first time, though.

Edit/update: and Oikotimes describes it as "a ballad with some disco elements." I'm still confused but also intrigued.


Kevin said...

A "romantic ballad with 70's dance elements" would be Stephanie Mills "Never Knew Love Like This Before"... a classic "disco ballad".

Or could also be a disco song with a ballad intro, a la Donna Summer's "The Last Dance".

Poster Girl said...

Oh, that could be fantastic, then! I love both of those songs...and, now that you say it, they do fit that description. I'll try not to get my hopes too high, though.